how-to-start - Royal Q Registration | Signup


How to get started with Royal Q


1. Have a Binance or Huobi account
– make kyc account to level 2
– Transfer USDT currency into your account for capital (minimum 100$) and bot rental (120$).
2. Register Royal Q from the referrer’s link
– Install the RoyalQ application on your mobile phone.
3. Transfer money from your Binance account to Royal Q wallet 120$
4. Activate Bot to activate
– Currently 100$ after 9th day adjusted to 120$
5. Create an API in your Binance account to allow royal q bot to read and trade currencies.
– Create API, must enter the IP address of royal q for security.
6. Link API Royal Q to your Binance account.
**Additional in case of not trading by yourself or without trading knowledge**
7. Synchronize with experts within royal q circle.
8. Take the time to live a happy life and wait for the profits that robots do for us.